19 May 2023

Fastenings manufacturer YKK, headquartered in Japan, has launched a 3D trim configurator tool alongside Vntana, a US developer of back-end infrastructure technologies for 3D assets and augmented reality platforms, writes Footwearbiz.



YKK’s new trim creator, accessible via the zip specialist’s digital showroom here, enables its customers to design and visualise custom 3D renderings for zippers and fasteners, explore various component options, plus generate item codes and URL addresses for their concepts, which they can then share with colleagues.

The idea is to improve design and development efficiency, based on a 2022 survey of YKK customers.

Users of the new online tool can produce digital renderings, customisable by size, material, function and colour, which the manufacturer expects will reduce the need to make and ship physical samples around the world, thereby helping to keep associated emissions to a minimum.

“As we constantly evolve to provide the best service for customers, we are laser focused on speed, quality and sustainability,” commented vice-president of YKK’s global marketing division, Takayuki Kato.

“Digitalisation through a tool like the YKK trim creator helps us achieve all three.”

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