19 May 2023

Leather maker Gruppo Mastrotto has provided non-profit organisation S.O.G.I.T. Onlus with an accessible van to carry the ill and disabled to medical examinations, writes ILM.



The van was delivered to the organisation in a ceremony at its headquarters in Chiampo, attended by the Mayors of Arzignano and Chiampo, the parish priest of Chiampo, S.O.G.IT. President of Andrea Fracca, Gruppo Mastrotto co-founder Santo Mastrotto and Managers Renata Sartori and Giovanna Mastrotto.

Agno-Chiampo section of S.O.G.IT. includes around 30 volunteers who work around the region to support those in need, and this vehicle will be crucial to support requests from residents who need transportation to hospitals for treatment.

Giovanna Mastrotto said: “Gruppo Mastrotto’s sustainability path is deeply rooted in its area and finds expression not only in environmental but even social initiatives. The inauguration of this new vehicle is a tangible sign of our company’s presence in the area and how we listen to the needs of our neighbours.”

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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