4 May 2023

The Chamber of Deputies of the province of La Rioja approved the nationalization project of the CBR tannery, located in Nonogasta, writes CueroAmérica.


Entrance of the CBR Tannery in the city of Nonogasta La Rioja.


The Chamber of Deputies of the province of La Rioja approved the nationalization project of the Curtume CBR, located in Nonogasta.

The Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine province of La Rioja approved the bill that declares CBR tannery, whose plant is located in Nonogasta, of public utility and subject to expropriation. The Brazilian company stopped production 15 months ago and left more than 700 workers without paying salaries or compensation. Now the provincial government must take charge of the situation.

The workers of CBR had met on several occasions with provincial authorities to reactivate the productive unit and preserve sources of employment, within the framework of the industrial and economic reactivation that the province is going through.

Likewise, the workers filed a criminal lawsuit against the owners of the company headed by Gilmar Harth, director of the Bom Retiro Group in Brazil.

On the occasion, the Chief of Staff, Juan Luna, said that “the decision we made with the workers and with the legislators who accompanied us, is to promote a law to expropriate the factory’s assets so that we can look for responsible businessmen who take charge of the plant and in this way protect the sources of work that are so important for our province”.

For his part, the Minister of Labor, Employment and Industry, Federico Bazán, stressed that the Government has been supporting and helping workers for more than 18 months, at which time the Brazilian company and the only one responsible for this situation left the company.

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