2 May 2023

Leathergoods brand Loewe has opened its first ever standalone store specialising in the repair and maintenance of its leather products, writes Leatherbiz.



It has called the store ReCraft; it is located in Osaka in Japan. The site houses a full-time leather artisan.

“ReCraft is about the joy of craft beyond the new,” Loewe said. “It is a commitment to breathing fresh life into long-cherished possessions.”

As well as a cleaning, nurturing and repair service, visitors to the store will also have access to a wide variety of woven leather baskets and small leathergoods created from repurposing high-quality surplus materials from previous collections.

The brand said this launch builds on its commitment to the longevity of its hand-crafted bags.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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