27 April 2023

Global industry messaging campaign Leather Naturally has launched a new website, updated to ensure leather messaging reaches its target audience, reports ILM.

The new website has been built on WordPress and is reportedly faster, more responsive and more user-friendly.

Among the updated features, the Leather Naturally website now has additional call-to-action buttons, a homepage redesign to better reflect consumer messaging and has improved search engine optimisation.

Leather Naturally Communication Team Leader Claudia Spahr said: “In addition to the structural improvements, more content will be provided in different languages in a way that is more accessible to Google searches. At the time of the go-live of the site, the German mini-page is already active, and more languages are to be added during the coming months.”

Leather Naturally Chair Debbie Burton added: “We are constantly looking for ways to get information in the hands of those that need it more quickly. The new website is faster and more intuitive to navigate and in line with our mission to provide trusted facts and inspiration for consumers, designers and brands. My thanks to Claudia and the communication team for delivering such a great resource.”

You can visit new website at the same URL: www.leathernaturally.org.

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