24 April 2023

Hermès has announced the opening of another leather goods workshop in France, this time in Charleville-Mézières in Ardennes, reports ILM.



The new leather goods workshop is planned to open by 2027 and will house 260 artisans, joining three other workshops at the hub, eventually totalling 800 employees.

Three other sites are also under contribution in Riom (Puy-de-Dôme), l’Isle d’Espagnac (Charente) and Loupes (Gironde), with recruitment and training currently underway.

In a statement, Hermès said: “In the spirit of companionship which values the transmission of know-how and the artisanal culture, the site in Charleville-Mézières will rely on the expertise of the craftsmen and women from the workshops of the hub and the École Hermès des savoir-faire, accredited by French National Education authority as an apprenticeship training centre since 2022.

“The maroquineries des Ardennes hub therefore continues its growth with 40 new recruitments every six months.”

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