18 April 2023

We all know that adidas made a comeback to leather for their iconic Stan Smiths, but do you also know why?



Sadesa writes that adidas uses leather on account of its unique performance properties in products where it is the optimum material for the purpose. Currently, more than 99% of our leather volume is audited in accordance with the Leather Working Group (‘LWG’) protocol, and most of our hides are sourced from tanneries with the highest LWG rating (LWG Gold). We believe the existing LWG audit protocol and chain of custody provide a strong foundation on which to create a robust and scalable traceability solution for leather.

For this reason, adidas is working with the LWG to broaden the scope of the audit to include traceability to the slaughterhouse by 2030. This will allow higher transparency on important environmental impacts such as deforestation from the origin of the material.

For more information on these and other sustainability actions, please visit: https://lnkd.in/dsuzBtw

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