14 April 2023

Sports company Puma has unveiled Voices of a Re:Generation, an initiative that will include the next generation’s perspectives and recommendations on sustainability, writes Footwearbiz.

Four spokespeople have been chosen from Europe and the US and will meet Anne-Laure Descours, Puma’s Chief Sourcing Officer, and the sustainability team over the course of the year.


It is a continuation of the work Puma started in September 2022 with its ‘Conference of the People’ event in London. The conference, which discussed solutions for some of the fashion industry’s most pressing sustainability challenges with a focus on Gen- Z, highlighted the need for brands to improve transparency and conduct greater communication regarding sustainability.


Research conducted by Puma found 71% of young people felt their voices weren’t being heard when it comes to the environment and would like to see brands making more commitments (49%), communicating their goals better (40%) and being more transparent (34%).


Ms Descours said: “We’ve always documented our progress in sustainable practices. However, our participation in Conference of the People has shed light on the fact that the information we share isn’t always easily understood by the next generation. We recognise the need for change, and we’re committed to making sustainability more accessible and transparent to everyone.”


Making up Voices of a Re:Generation, will be:

  • Alice Aedy – UK-based visual storyteller, documentarian and co-founder of Earthrise Studio, a media company focused on human stories from climate frontlines
  • Andrew Burgess – US-based upcycler determined to change the way people consume clothing and fashion through his own creations
  • Luke Jaque-Rodney – Germany-based sustainable and healthy living vlogger who explores better ways to live sustainably; and
  • Jade Roche – France-based visual artist and creative consultant working with brands to improve how they communicate.

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