13 April 2023

Sustainable footwear and apparel brand Allbirds created, it claims, the “world’s first zero carbon shoe.” The footwear is made with foam based on sugar cane and merino sheep wool. For this Allbirds partnered with Lake Hawea Station and The New Zealand Merino Company, writes CueroAmérica.



According to what was reported by the company, the shoe has a carbon footprint of 0.0 kg of CO while traditionally manufactured footwear reaches 14 kg. To manufacture the item, Allbirds partnered with Lake Hawea Station and The New Zealand Merino Company and together they developed materials that offset each other’s carbon footprints.

The midsole of the M0.0NSHOT model is made of sugarcane-based foam that contains 80% biological material. The upper is made of merino wool from New Zealand. The packaging was made with PE derived from sugar cane and, always according to what was reported by the company, the products will be transported in ships powered by biofuels.

“Creating a zero carbon shoe that is commercially viable and scalable is the culmination of our entire portfolio of work. M0.0NSHOT is not a silver bullet for the climate crisis: it is a proof point that when we take sustainability seriously and focus on carbon reduction, we can make incredible strides,” said Tim Brown, Co-Founder. and Co-CEO of Allbirds.

For her part, Hana Kajimura, Director of Sustainability at Allbirds, noted that “we believe this will revolutionize the path to net zero and act as fuel for the entire industry. We could spend decades debating the finer points of carbon sequestration, or we can innovate today with a common sense approach.”

The formal presentation of the product will take place in June at the World Fashion Summit in Copenhagen. There, the public will have the opportunity to learn about this new product that could mean a qualitative leap in the production of footwear.

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