31 March 2023

The Association Pour Ľ Assurance Qualité Des Fabricants De Bracelets Cuir (AQC) has announced an event to kick off a life cycle analysis (LCA) project for alligator leather watch straps, writes ILM.



The meeting will take place in Geneva on June 26, 2023, but a venue or online component have not yet been announced.

The AQC has said that the project will harmonise LCAs for alligator leather watch straps by:

  • Creating synergies across the whole supply chain
  • Presenting sector organisation
  • Defining a credible, recognised and transparent methodology
  • Sharing results among all stakeholders.


This event is aimed at alligator farmers, tanners, watch strap manufacturers, watch brands and experts in the sector. The event will cost 115 Swiss francs (US$125.51) per group of two people from the same company.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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