30 March 2023

Designers are the ones who bring creativity, innovation, and style to the world of leather fashion. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, designers from all over the world come together to showcase their latest creations and conduct various sharings.



From our LED project to our featured designers, to this series of Design-A-Bag, they were able to push the boundaries of traditional leather fashion, by experimenting with new shapes, colors, and textures, creating fresh and exciting designs that capture the the imagination.

We look forward to seeing more of their designs in the future and continue to inspire us with their creativity in leather.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



我們主辦多個專注時尚及生活潮流的商貿展覽會, 為這不斷變化的行業,提供最全面的買家及參展商服務,方便他們了解急速轉變的行業環境,並預測來季趨勢。