27 March 2023

The Secretariat of Industry and Productive Development of Argentina promotes the incorporation of design strategies that implement improvements in its industrial processes and its products through the Seal of Good Design (SBD). Among its categories are clothing, footwear and accessories, writes CueroAmérica.

For twelve years, the SBD has distinguished national industry products that stand out for their innovation and design quality. The articles that obtain this seal have access to positioning strategies and support in commercial and export actions by the Ministry of Industry and Productive Development. Producers can participate in international business rounds, send their products to different fairs and associate to create export groups.

Tomás Canosa, Undersecretary for SMEs, pointed out that “the Argentine Good Design Seal is a state policy that is already over a decade old and is growing year by year. It is a fundamental tool to reach the world and expand the markets for national production, demonstrating that the Argentine brand is a symbol of quality and innovation”.

The selection of the products will be in charge of a committee of 80 professionals from the productive and academic sectors who will evaluate the functionality, sustainability, innovation, quality, materiality and identity. SMEs interested in participating have time to register until May.

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