22 March 2023

Wolverine Worldwide has announced that its Chairman, Blake Krueger, will retire from the board in May, reports ILM.



Krueger, who also retired as CEO at the end of 2021, has been with the company for around 30 years that culminated in his appointment as CEO and board member in 2007 before becoming Chairman in 2010.

He will be succeeded as Chairman by the board’s Lead Independent Director Tom Long, who joined the board in 2011 after a 30-year career including positions as CEO of MillerCoors, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Miller Brewing Company and several senior global and marketing roles at Coca-Cola.

He said: “On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank Blake for his many years of dedication and service to the company and its shareholders.

“During his long tenure, the company transformed from a traditional footwear wholesaler into a consumer-focused, global organisation with one of the world’s largest portfolios of footwear and lifestyle brands. I am honoured to succeed him as Chairman as part of our planned leadership transition.”

Wolverine Worldwide has also announced the appointment of Stacia Andersen, Jodi Bricker, and DeMonty Price to the board of directors.

Andersen is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of pet products company PetSmart, while Bricker is the CEO of eyewear brand Quay Australia and Price recently retired from the role of President and Chief Operating, Service and Values Officer of RH, a company in the luxury lifestyle market.

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