21 March 2023

This AICC project, which includes a series of meetings during the year and which will continue in the coming years, will give all participants the opportunity to retrace the leather production cycle, from raw to finished.

Each appointment will be curated by specialized professionals and experts in the subject matter. This first appointment will have the title:

AICC Leather Academy
Raw hides: areas of origin, types, defects and conservation systems.
Speaker: Valerio Nori, Leather Expert and Consultant.

The Event is reserved for AICC Members in good standing with registration for 2022 and/or 2023, as well as students specializing in tanning at ITTE Galileo Galilei and ITS Cosmo.

Registration for the course must be made at the following link by March 31, 2023.
We are waiting for you for the start of a series of events to increase the Tanning Culture. Italian Association of Leather Chemists.

Click to register.

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