16 March 2023

In line with the record work that has been taking place so far in 2023, the movement of inventory that left establishments for all kinds of destinations in the first two months was the highest in the last 6 years: it exceeded 5.5 million of heads, some 750,000 more than in the first two months of 2022, according to a RosGan report on SENASA data.



“This clearly denotes the need to release and/or rearrange the fields given the scarce forage supply available,” the entity indicated.

The greater movement, in part, “responds to an advancement of the harvest”, since the transfer of calves from the breeding fields during February reached 924,860 head, 55% more than in January and 22% more than in February of the last year. “So far this year, the so-called calf harvest accumulates an offer of 1,521,510 head, 27% more than what was registered in the same period a year ago.”

According to the work, the same behavior is observed in cows. “In the first two months of the year, more than 450,000 cows had to be transferred to other establishments —to continue with a breeding or wintering process—, 12% more than last year. While a similar number (445,000 head) was sent directly to slaughter, which represents an annual increase of 25%. According to the report, the forage shortage to finish this category means that today goes to slaughter, when in other situations it would be possible to add kilos before selling.

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