13 March 2023

Design-A-Bag Competition 2023 - Three Finalists to show up at APLF in Dubai to demonstrate their modern designs

The yearly Design-A-Bag Competition will again bring together a global design community to the Fashion Access trade fair, this time with a special edition in Dubai. Three finalists will get a sponsored journey to the emerging leather trading hub, to showcase their innovative creations to an international audience.


2023 Competition Theme: Modern and Classic


Design a modern bag with genuine leather that becomes classic and iconic in the future.

 Meet the Finalists


The finalists will attend the final judging ceremony on 14 March 2023 during APLF in Dubai for a chance to be crowned as the overall winner.


Come support the design community and attend the ceremony by registration: https://www.aplf.com/events-list/design-a-bag-competition-2023-final-judging-ceremony/


Moyang Yang, the United Kingdom

Click HERE to watch her presentation video

Autumn Leaves

Grete Prost Kängsepp, Estonia

Click HERE to watch her presentation video

The Possbility of a Circle – The Extension

Yu Lun Lu, Taiwan

Click HERE to watch her presentation video

Congratulations to the finalists. Let’s get excited for the final judging ceremony!

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