13 February 2023

The largest shoe and leather goods show in Mexico turns 49 and reaches its 88th edition. With the motto “Explore new worlds”, the fair will show the influence of the metaverse and artificial intelligence on fashion and footwear. The fair will be held from March 7 to 9 at the Poliforum in León, Guanajuato state, writes CueroAmérica.

At SAPICA, a space where the best of the footwear and leather goods industry in Mexico is exhibited, more than 350 exhibitors will participate. These will be visited by some 2,400 unique trading companies, both local and foreign. On this occasion, SAPICA will bring the new collections for the autumn/winter 2023 season. In addition to promoting networking, the fair will feature the Knowledge Pavilion where renowned experts will speak on topics of interest to the sector.

More than 90,000 footwear and leather goods products will be presented on this business platform. There will be the new collections of goodyear welt, American welt, opanka, California, moccasin, vulcanized, full plastic, direct injection, sewn-on last and lock stitcher footwear, among others. Next to them will be bags, belts, small leather goods, travel items, etc.

Ana Marín, in her conference on “Digital brand communication”, will explain how to create content that generates sales. Juan Lombana, an expert in digital marketing techniques, will talk about “Tik Tok, the future of marketing” and the consultant Iñigo Lanz will give the “Merchandiser 4.0” conference.

There will also be Juan Lombana, one of the best digital marketers in the world according to Google and founder of Mercatitlán; Iñigo Lanz, freelance consultant and trainer specializing in Fashion Retail Merchandising; Oso Trava, experienced entrepreneur and investor in disruptive technologies with Cracks Fund and CEO of Cracks Education and DUMO Labs and Nadia Tamez, Founder and Creative Director of Synergy Studio who has been recognized as one of the 29 most influential creatives in Mexico under 30 years of age.

This year, the slogan of the campaign will be “Explore new worlds” in reference to the dissolution of physical and digital borders, the fusion of the indoor and outdoor lifestyle and the disappearance of ideological barriers. The influence of the metaverse and artificial intelligence impact fashion and provide tools for the creation of new designs.

In the trends that the fair will show, there will be proposals for materials in metallic, iridescent tones and with a glossy finish in geometric shapes and innovative textures. The tones are vibrant and are combined with neutral colors evoking other planets or the depths of the sea. SAPICA promotes resuming creative resources and creating innovative collections that add value to the industry.

Mexico is the ninth-largest producer of footwear in the world and manufactures some 250 million pairs a year. 80% of this production is carried out in the State of Guanajuato, a place that will host this important event that is key in the fair calendar of the footwear industry.

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