9 February 2023

UK-based goat leather tannery Billy Tannery has announced a partnership with Northampton footwear manufacturer Grenson Shoes, reports ILM.



The collaboration has resulted in the Billy Tannery x Grenson Derby Workboot, a Goodyear-welted boot made by Grenson in its Northamptonshire factory from Billy’s chestnut brown goat leather.

Writing on LinkedIn, Billy Tannery co-founder Jack Millington said: “Grenson Shoes is a brand I’ve always looked up to. Navigating the evolution of a brand founded in 1866 into a modern success story is no mean feat. Working with Tim Little (a big hero of mine) and the whole team at Grenson has been a dream come true.”

The leather used for the Billy Tannery x Grenson Derby Workboot is produced just 25 miles away from the footwear manufacturing. “All in all, you’d struggle to find a shorter supply chain for a pair of boots,” Millington added.

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