9 February 2023

SLF is delighted to welcome Stahl to our growing partnership of leather value chain organisations who are committed to ESG and sustainability improvement. Established in 1930 in the USA, Stahl is a leading producer of specialty chemistry for coatings, processing, and treatments, that provide functionality, durability and comfort to many different materials used in everyday life.



Stahl’s commitment to sustainability extends back as far as the 1970s when the company developed its first water-based finishing products, and since then the company has consistently been at the forefront of research and innovation for more sustainable chemistry as well as providing education and support globally for other leather stakeholders.

Our Managing Director, Deborah Taylor confirms “Stahl joins SLF at a pivotal time in our piloting and development of the Chemical Dashboard and we are looking forward to working with them to ensure that the Dashboard, and the way it connects to the other leather value chain stakeholders, creates the industry leading tool for demonstrating due diligence and meeting the CSRD requirements that will be in force from 2023. For us at the Foundation, Stahl is a key partner in consolidation with our existing Chemical Company partners in this progressive work.”

Michael Costello, Stahl’s Group Director of ESG, commented “Stahl is committed to a progressively more transparent & sustainable supply chain – our membership of the SLF is a good indicator of that commitment. We look forward to working with the SLF team on developing tools that have a positive impact on the leather industry.”

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