6 February 2023

California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors has become the latest sustainability-conscious automotive brand to use leather from Bridge of Weir in its interiors, writes Leatherbiz.



Presenting a touring version of its Lucid Air model at the start of February, the company said it has designed an interior with “a harmonious mix of sustainable materials”. It went on to say that an important part of this mix was “full-grain, nappa leather, sourced from one of the world’s only carbon-neutral producers of leather”.

Lucid went on to describe the leather upholstery as offering “exceptional comfort”.

In response, Bridge of Weir confirmed that it was supplying the leather and said it was proud to be part of the Lucid Motors project. It said: “Our LCA-verified lowest-carbon leather is creating a perfect match for its sustainable, luxurious, eco-conscious cabins.”

The first vehicles rolled off the production line at Lucid’s factory in Arizona in 2021. Last year, the company made 7,180 vehicles and delivered 4,369 to customers. It plans to build a second factory in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian government has pledged to buy at least 50,000 of its vehicles.

It views itself as a competitor of Teslas. Its chief executive, Peter Rawlinson, was the chief engineer for Tesla’s Model S.

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