27 January 2023

A major UK retail group, Waitrose, has begun stocking leather gardening gloves made by Pittards, reports Leatherbiz.

Waitrose has described the gloves as being made from specially tanned cowhide, supple from first use, with a large reinforced suede palm “to improve grip and resist wear and an elasticated wrist to keep out muck and debris”.

It described Pittards as a British maker of premium leathergoods, established in Somerset in 1826. The gloves are stamped with the year 1826 at the wrist.

“With tanneries in Yeovil and Ethopia, a traditional source of the finest raw gloving material in the world, they have poured nearly two centuries of expertise into these superb quality gloves,” the retailer said.

Pittards said it was proud to see its gloves stocked by Waitrose.

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