18 January 2023

The French luxury accessories brand, Louis Vuitton, is planning a new headquarters in Tuscany for the manufacture of leathergoods. This facility will integrate its production sites in Incisa Valdarno and Rignano sull’Arnoo gring under one roof. Report by La Conceria.



Currently, there are 270 workers at these two facilities and the completion of the new factory to be located in Pontassieve (Florence), in the Le Sieci area, will add a further 180 jobs.

So far, Vuitton has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Pontassieve for the construction of the new factory. It is estimated that, within two to three years, it will become the main production site entirely dedicated to the French brand’s leathergoods in Italy.

The investment needed to complete the project is around 40 million euros. The next step is the start of the urban planning procedure for the release of all the authorizations necessary to start the construction of the plant.

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