16 January 2023

The first three quarters of 2022 yielded positive results for Italian leathergoods exports compared to the same period in 2021, based on the latest figures available.

The main markets produced the following results according to the Italian leathergoods Association (Assopellettieri):

Foreign markets showing considerable increases were France (+31% in value).; the United States +54.5%; South Korea +38.6%, and the United Arab Emirates +74%.

China’s performance was +12.8%, with -13% in quantity and there were heavy declines in Russia -22.8%, and Ukraine -53%.

According to the president of Assopellettieri, Franco Gabbrielli, the outlook for 2023 is only “cautiously optimistic” due to energy costs, ongoing uncertainty in China due to the surge in covid infections, and a possible recession in many western economies.

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