12 January 2023

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has a new chief executive. After ten years in the role, Michael Burke is to leave and take “new responsibilities” within parent group LVMH, reports Leatherbiz.



Louis Vuitton’s new chief executive will be Pietro Beccari, who has been chief executive of another of the group’s brand, Christian Dior Couture, since 2018. He will take up his new role on February 1.

His replacement at Dior will be Delphine Arnault, who has been executive vice-president of Louis Vuitton since 2013. She worked at Dior before that. Ms Arnault is the daughter of LVMH chief executive, Bernard Arnault.

On making the announcements, Bernard Arnault said: “I extend my warmest thanks to Michael Burke, who has led the extraordinary success of Louis Vuitton during the past ten years. He has done a tremendous job developing this exceptional maison.”

He described Pietro Beccari as having done an exceptional job at Christian Dior over the past five years, giving the brand “fresh intensity”. He added: “I am sure Pietro will lead Louis Vuitton to the next level of success and desirability.”

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