22 December 2022

The leather manifesto presented by the leather sector at COP27 in Egypt is titled “Earth’s Legacy – A Place for Leather” which illustrates the sustainable characteristics of leather in terms of climate efficiency.

Click on A Manifesto for Leather to read the text presented at the COP27 summit.

In the context of the bid presented by the manifesto to gain recognition of leather and other natural materials as contributing to reducing the climate impact of consumer products, the web portal, texfash, has consulted with stakeholders of the leather sector and published their comments in a review of the challenges facing the leather sector.

The four articles published are:

  • Leather Industry Must Work Out its Own Context for Net-Zero and Chart a Plan
  • Leather Industry can Veritably be Part of the Climate Solution
  • Industry Needs to Find More Efficient, Less Resource Heavy Ways of Producing Leather
  • Clear Labelling of Leather and Alternative Materials Critical to Make Informed Choice

Access these articles by clicking on Challenges facing the leather sector.

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