22 December 2022

The end of a project becomes the premise for its evolution. The conclusion of a challenge that gives all the participants enthusiasm, awareness and new stimuli. The challenge launched by UNIC – Italian Tanneries to the students of the School of Innovation of the University of Trento has come to an end. Objective: to find “fresh and innovative ideas” explains UNIC, “to communicate the responsible innovation that characterizes the Italian tanning industry”. Therefore: being able to “improve the common perception of its processes and products”. Here’s who won. Report by La Conceria.



Here’s who won the challenge

The project envisaged the division of students into groups and two operational steps. First: a preliminary review meeting of the students’ projects. Second: the moment in which “each group presents the solution devised to the challenge provider. Who will decide which, in his opinion is the best and will be able to adopt it in his own reality, without any constraints”. The challenge involved 15 students (pictured) from all over the world (pictured right). In summary, arriving from: Italy, Spain, India, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, France, Japan, Finland, Bangladesh. UNIC decreed, in the face of a parterre of very interesting ideas, the victory of the Make Every Hide Count project elaborated by Team 2. Participants: Edoardo Ruvolo (Management Economics, Trento), Evgeniya Shmalemyuk (Master Human & Computer interaction, Trento), Jin Wang (Engineering and Water Management in Toulouse).

Make Every Hide Count

Make Every Hide Count results in the creation of a sort of UNIC Virtual World. In other words, explains UNIC, “a web platform accessible to anyone and which is periodically updated. In it will be possible to interact, also through virtual reality technologies, to answer questions about the tanning process and the identity of the leather. But also making choices that will allow you to accumulate sustainability points that will demonstrate how much the user has understood about tanning and its green footprint”. Information and shared education, therefore.

Exciting Experience

“The experience of the Challenge with the School of Innovation of the University of Trento was truly exciting – comments Giacomo Zorzi, UNIC contact person for the project. For us it was a great pleasure to meet the students and appreciate their freshness and their genius. The passion they showed was for us the important confirmation that the Italian tanning industry is capable of generating amazement and interest in a material and a sector that is truly committed to being responsible. Their passion was the best gift for us”. In addition to some theoretical interventions, the students “touched” the process by visiting Tannery Montebello, Corichem, Medio Chiampo and ILSA.

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