13 December 2022

There are at least 20 000 vacancies for specialized workers in the French luxury segment, said the association that represents about a hundred luxury houses in the country, writes World Footwear.

“If we take a broad spectrum ranging from textile mechanics to luxury hotel trades, we are still well beyond”, bemoaned Bénédicte Epinay, general delegate of the Comité Colbert, which brings together about a hundred French luxury houses. Meanwhile, the demand for luxury products continues to increase: the consulting firm Bain & Company estimates that the global luxury market will reach a turnover of 1.4 trillion euros this year, growing by 21% from 2021.

For that reason, the Comité Colbert has organized a 3-day event to introduce several métiers to young people by having them practise with professionals and even scout potential students to enter academies of brands such as Dior, Chanel, Cartier, and others. The Les De(ux) Mains du Luxe event, to be held between the 10th and the 12th of December at Station F, in Paris, Figgaro.

The strategy to get the students closer to luxury jobs to ensure the continuity of know-how on production lines is directly done by the brands, which are already considering the wave of retirements happening in the next years. Among the most renowned efforts by luxury companies are the L’École Hermès des savoir-faire and the LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence.

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