13 December 2022

The municipality of Scandicci in Tuscany is the centre of design and manufacturing for leathergoods in Italy. Some 30% of the workforce or about eight thousand people work in the sector and employment continues to expand.

Leathergoods drive employment and make the area attractive, which is experiencing a golden age, with many brands wanting to settle in this Tuscan municipality.

To cater for the industrial expansion and the need to be able to find qualified employees for the leathergoods sector, the Municipality of Scandicci is planning a campus on 12,000 square meters of private land.

“The project provides accommodation for students, but also laboratories, and will have to be the result of a private investment, therefore tenders are not necessary but only municipal approval” explained the deputy mayor Andrea Giorgi.

It is expected that the name of the private entity that will finance the project will be known in the first months of 2023. According to the deputy mayor, the project will take about three years to construct and equip.

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