13 December 2022

Prada rewards energy saving with a competition among its production sites. The Italian group is also among the signatories of the Collective Virtual Power Purchase Agreement promoted by the Fashion Pact. It is the virtual contract with which 12 luxury players (such as Kering and Salvatore Ferragamo, for example) undertake to achieve the goal of consuming 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2030. A concrete demonstration that the fashion industry can address issues together and solve problems together. Report by La Conceria.

In the photo, the Prada factory in Levanella

The race to save energy

Prada has launched the savings tender, we were saying. All the production plants and Italian offices of the group will participate ( shops excluded ). The site that will save the most on electricity consumption (September-December 2022 bill compared to the same period last year) will win a prize to be distributed to all employees. The tender affects around 4,000 workers throughout Italy. As specified by Il Sole 24 Ore, each employee of the first place will receive a bonus of 500 euros, those of the second place 300 euros and 200 euros will go to those of the third.

The virtual contract

The same Italian luxury group is among the 12 signatories of the Collective Virtual Power Purchase Agreement. The contract includes a commitment to purchase 100% renewable electricity by 2030. In addition to Prada, Kering and Ferragamo have also signed the agreement Bally, Capri Holdings and Ermenegildo Zegna group. Along with Farfetch, PVH, Ralph Lauren, Tapestry, Under Armor and Zimmermann.

The common commitment

Referring to the Fashion Pact, Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault says on WWD: “We are now taking action with the launch of this initiative which aims to accelerate the clean energy transition. It is a clear demonstration that companies can be part of the solution if they go beyond the mandatory requirements and if they focus their efforts on the same initiatives”. Marco Gobbetti, CEO of Ferragamo, comments: “Collective action has a greater impact than the actions of individual actors. This contract demonstrates that together we can truly pioneer systems change.”

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