29 Nov 2022

Italy’s Holding Industriale (Hind) has twenty companies under its umbrella and includes the subsidiary, Holding Moda, of which the leathergoods manufacturer, Gab, forms part.

Gab operates as a sub-manufacturer for leathergoods brands and was acquired by Hind in 2021. Now, the parent company intends to relocate Gab to new headquarters along with seven of its subcontractors in a 20,000 square metre facility from mid-2023.

The move to the new headquarters brings with it the expectation of growth for a leathergoods company that specializes inbags and suitcases) which today boasts 25.5 million euros in annual revenues, or 12% of Hind’s turnover.

By bringing Gab and its sub-contractors under one roof, Hind maintains that this will benefit the big brands for which Gab manufactures. It will permit the brands to visit the manufacturing process and pre-inspect the bags themselves.

With expansion plans set for next year in the new manufacturing hub, the number of Gab’s direct employees will grow by 30 to 136 at the end of the year. There will also be an increase in the people working at the sub-contractors up to 350. The new personnel will need to be trained, and therefore the hub will also house an academy.

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