29 Nov 2022

Actions to make the industry more environmentally responsible and the continued high quality of the products it makes speak louder than words for the Italian leather sector. This was the view expressed by the president of industry body UNIC, Fabrizio Nuti, at the organisation’s 2022 general assembly, which took place in Milan on November 25. Report by Leatherbiz.

Fabrizio Nuti inspecting finished leather at one of the tanneries run by the company he leads, Nuti Ivo Group.

Reports from Italian industry publication La Conceria also quoted Mr Nuti as paying close attention at the Milan event to what he called unjustified attacks on leather.

He described the anti-leather messages that crop up in mainstream and social media as “stifling clichés” that show little or no knowledge of the leather sector. But he said companies propagating these messages were also guilty of “opportunism in their attempts to substitute leather”, which he said did them no credit.

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