15 Nov 2022

In an upcoming webinar on December 7, technical experts from Stahl will explain how the company developed its metal-free tanning technology, writes ILM.



The webinar ‘EasyWhite Tan and the development of metal-free tanning technology’ will take place on December 7 at 2pm CET (1pm GMT).

Three technical experts from Stahl will join ILM Content Director Martin Ricker for a question and answer panel session, outlining the development of Stahl’s metal-free tanning technology, EasyWhite Tan.

Martin will be joined by:

  • Marcus Breulmann, Global Technical Segment Manager, Wet-End Chemicals
  • Luis Angel Reyes Becerra, Leather Technician Wet-End
  • Roberta Gamarino, Research & Development Manager at Stahl Italy.
    This pre-recorded discussion will be followed by a live Q&A with the three presenters, mod

Register now to attend this webinar and keep an eye on the ILM website for further updates in the coming weeks.

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