14 Nov 2022

Held in Milan from 3-5 November, Fashion Graduate Italia has been celebrating since 2015 the ETS (Third Sector Organisation Fashion Training System Platform). The ETS brings together the best institutions and academies dedicated to the training of the fashion system and has more than ten thousand students, two thousand teachers and five hundred active courses.

Events, masterclasses, workshops and job placements were scheduled with the aim of connecting the education system and the fashion industry to create new professional skills. The protagonists are the students of seventeen Italian schools and academies, together with the guests of seven Korean and Japanese universities.

Design creations from Daegu in Korea and Osaka in Japan were on show from their most prestigious fashion schools.

The idea of sharing knowledge is coupled with the need to train designers on sustainability in the fashion system. Fashion Schools for Design-Driven Sustainable Innovation is the project presented at Fashion Graduate Italia. It was created in collaboration with the eco-hub CLASS (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy).

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



我們主辦多個專注時尚及生活潮流的商貿展覽會, 為這不斷變化的行業,提供最全面的買家及參展商服務,方便他們了解急速轉變的行業環境,並預測來季趨勢。