14 Nov 2022

The International Union of Footwear Industry Technicians, UITIC, will hold its 20th UITIC International Footwear Congress in Italy in September 2023, in partnership with Assomac and Simac Tanning Tech.



“The members of the UITIC executive committee are very enthusiastic about the idea of organizing the 20th I UITIC International Footwear Congress in Italy, a country that is an indisputable reference in terms of innovation and technology for the footwear, leathergoods and allied industries.” declared Yves Morin, President of UITIC.

Initially, the UITIC had planned to organize its congress in China, but due to covid restrictions and the uncertainty generated by possible lookdowns and quarantine requirements for international travellers, it was decided to relocate it to Italy.

This modification was made in agreement with the host organization, the CLIA (China Leather Industry Association), and it decided to postpone the holding of a congress in that country.

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