9 Nov 2022

Upholstery leather maker Scottish Leather Group (SLG) has announced an investment of £13 million (US$14.9 million) in Renfrewshire and a “new era” for manufacturing in Scotland, reports ILM.



SLG has made the investment across four separate sites in the region over the past year while seeing an increase of 75% year-on-year in orders.

The company is also beginning a recruitment campaign in order to fulfill this new pipeline of orders, which include brands such as Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, Polestar, Lucid, Emirates and Spring Air.

Over 380 members of staff have been added to the company since the beginning of 2021, with an additional 60 roles currently recruiting across accounting, engineering, manufacturing, laboratory, IT and software development and apprenticeships.

Nicholas Muirhead, SLG Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We have seen businesses across the world reassess their supply chain and focus on durability and environmental impact, and every single time they reach the same conclusion – leather is the best product on the market to meet that challenge.

“Our investment plan across all four of our businesses is not only substantial in our commitment to Renfrewshire but also a marker for belief in the local workforce.

“We plan to recruit 60 staff over the coming months, ranging from senior executives to recent graduates and apprentices. It is a really exciting time for our company and, with the new clients coming on board from growing industries across the globe, we are looking forward to growing the team and building on what we can deliver for our clients.”

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