7 Nov 2022

Hundreds of scientists have already signed a pledge to support and contribute to efforts to show scientifically that livestock farming brings benefits to society, writes Leatherbiz.



The so-called Dublin Declaration came to light at the end of October. Organisers said their aims were to increase availability of healthy and safe, high-nutritional value food as the global population grows and, at the same time, make sure animal production systems are sustainable.

“Livestock systems must progress on the basis of the highest scientific standards,” they said. “They are too precious to society to become the victim of simplification, reductionism or zealotry.”

They also explained that by recycling “the large amounts of inedible biomass that are generated as by-products”, farmed and herded animals “are irreplaceable for maintaining a circular flow of materials”.

Within five days of its launch, the Dublin Declaration had more than 300 signatories, with scientists from South America, North America, Africa, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand pledging support.

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