4 Nov 2022

Venetian luxury shoemaker, Frau, has recorded a 20%increase in turnover in the third quarter of 2022, compared to the same period last year.



The company sells 90%of its production in the Italian market and its suppliers are also from Italy, making Frau an “all Italian brand”.

For the end of the year, Frau expects turnover to reach 20 million euros, compared to the 18.6 million achieved in 2021. Sixty percent of revenue comes from women’s footwear.

Although a solid 20% increase in revenue was achieved in the July-September period, there are concerns about the future in the company.

“We are worried about the increase in the cost of energy and inflation, aspects that will be reflected in 2023,” observed Gabriella D’Arcano, daughter of the founder Renzo and CEO of the still company.

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