28 Oct 2022

Prada has reportedly opened a new leather goods factory in Sibiu’s West Industrial Zone, Romania, writes ILM.

The factory comprises 31,000 sq ft and is operated by Hipic Prod Imprex, which is now solely owned by Prada.

Sibiu Mayor, Astrid Fodor, told local media: “The fact that a prestigious group like Prada, one with very high standards, chose Sibiu as a production location means that there’s potential to be found in the city, according to an international luxury brand with great prestige.

“The opening of the Prada factory is beneficial for Sibiu primarily because it will create new jobs, but also because it diversifies the industrial sector present in the city.”

Prada’s investment in the new Sibiu factory is estimated at around €19 million and has generated more than 300 jobs.

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