26 Oct 2022

On November 23 at 2pm CET (1pm GMT), Deborah Taylor, Managing Director of the Sustainable Leather Foundation, will host and moderate the webinar ‘Futureproofing the Leather Supply Chain’, writes ILM.

The event, sponsored by Stahl and managed by International Leather Maker (ILM), will cover key themes around the need for sustainability and robust ESG reporting.

Speakers will also discuss incoming legislation and regulatory requirements that will have a major impact on brands, OEMs and retailers, the importance of support services and the role of more sustainable chemistry for a resilient leather industry of the future.

Deborah Taylor will be joined by four industry experts, followed by a live Q&A with all of the presenters. They are as follows:

  • Katie Kutskill, Technical Director of Sustainable Leather Foundation
  • Rosie Wollacott Philips, Head of Sustainability at Mulberry
  • Lidia Martinez, Supply Chain Transparency Manager at Stahl
  • Paul Bridge, Deputy VP SL Head of Global Footwear services at SGS

Head to the event page to find out more and keep an eye on the ILM website for further updates in the coming weeks.

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