24 Oct 2022

Rewind – is an educational documentary series, funded by Real Leather. Stay Different. It makes the case for leather having a role in a more sustainable future and released its first episode on October 20 and takes us back to the farm.

Although leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industries, to the consumer its production is inextricably linked to agriculture.

In the first installment Rewind examines how to make the best use of our limited agricultural land, the real effects of cattle’s methane emissions, as well as the environmental consequences of having no cows, not utilising cowhide and the popularisation of plastic alternatives.

To find out more, head to chooserealleather.com to view the supporting factsheet that looks at the sustainability of cattle farming.

View the first episode of Rewind.

Stay tuned for episode two, ‘Fashion’, available to watch next Thursday, October 27, at 6pm GMT.

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