20 Oct 2022

With 200 exhibitors taking part, APLF’s special ASEAN exhibition opened in Bangkok on October 19, reports Leatherbiz direct from Bangkok.

Seven national pavilions from Brazil, France, India, Pakistan, Thailand and the US were among the exhibitors.

During the opening ceremony, APLF Limited Director, David Bondi, said: “Along with the business matching programme and seminars, leather courses and workshops are all scheduled to make APLF an integrated event for trade, education and business.”

This is only the second trade fair in APLF history to be held outside of its home base of Hong Kong but organisers said they were expecting good levels of business to happen and new contacts to be made over the three-day event, held at the newly refurbished Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.

Ahead of the show, organisers had indicated that approximately 4,000 visitor registrations had been received.

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