18 Oct 2022

Leather chemicals group Silvateam has been named among the winners at Italy’s national sustainability awards.

These awards, run by financial services firm Credit Suisse, Florence-based management services company Kon Group and by business media group Forbes, took place for the second time in 2022.

Image shows (left to right): director in Silvateam’s animal nutrition business unit, Stefano Battaglia, sustainability manager, Annamaria Rapella, and director of the group’s leather business unit, Antonio Battaglia.

Silvateam was named in the top 100 performers in Italy for good practice in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

The competition also sought to measure improvements in the ESG rating of companies that have participated in both editions of the competition and, in addition to overall winners, named winners in each of the three categories (E, S and G). Silvateam came top for governance.

Ratings were calculated by a technical partner, specialist Switzerland-based consultancy RepRisk, and by an academic partner, the ALTIS business school of Milan’s Sacred Heart Catholic University.
Silvateam said it was honoured to have been given such high profile recognition for its work.

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