14 Oct 2022

TFL, the leather chemicals company, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of syntans, which are known under the product brands Sellatan and Tanigan. Currently, due to the decision of the German authorities, the company has made changes to its composition.

The German authorities have announced new restriction proposals for the content of bisphenol in syntans and in leather. This will lead to a threshold for consumer items imported or manufactured in Europe. However, the threshold limits have not yet been determined and the German authorities have postponed publication of the draft until early October 2022.

Not waiting for these regulations, TFL took steps to stay ahead of the curve and launched Tanigan BN-O Liq, Tanigan LF-O Liq, Tanigan RL-O Liq and Tanigan DS-O Liq. The company maintains that these new products not only address the latest regulatory challenges regarding low BPS and GMP content, but also ensure that valuable leather properties can be achieved and facilitate the production of the vast majority of leathergoods.

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