10 Oct 2022

An Ecco Leather initiative called At.Kollective, described as a combination of small capsule collections that sit outside the trend cycle, made its debut at Paris Fashion Week at the end of September and start of October, Writes Leatherbiz.



Designers involved include menswear specialist Bianca Saunders, Issac Reina, formerly of Hermès, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, a former creative director at Chloé and Berlin-based Kostas Murkudis, who previously worked with Helmut Lang.

Ecco Leather asked each of them to design a capsule collection using its materials. Group chief executive, Panos Mytaros, told the Financial Times that there was no “overarching creative direction” and that Ecco had wanted each of the designers “to interpret in their own way”.

For his part, Kostas Murkudis said he had been greatly impressed by Ecco Leather’s capabilities. “They were developing amazing leathers for big luxury brands and not communicating about it,” he told the FT.

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