6 Oct 2022

The Federation of Workers of the Meat and Allied Industries (Foica) of Uruguay analyses taking new union measures to highlight the lack of solutions to their complaints about irregularities in two cold storage and packing plants, Frigocerro in Durazno, and Agroindustria del Este in Treinta y Tres.

The unionised workers denounce that the owner of both companies has not complied with agreements and has generated irregularities in the plants. Given this, the Federation has asked the Ministry of Labor to take measures, but the conflict has continued.

In recent days the Foica had a show of support from abroad. The Federation of Workers of the Food Industries of the State of Sao Paulo shared a letter through Twitter in which it stated that the 48 affiliated unions “provide their full support to the struggle that Foica is facing with the Frigocerro company.”

“The conflict with the company refers to a markedly anti-union action and total disregard for health and safety working conditions (…) considering that this plant exports a large part of its production to various markets, and for this it has quality and safety certifications,”, noted the statement from Sao Paolo.

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