29 Sep 2022

Leather Naturally have announced the departure of Fernando Bellese from its Management Board (MB), writes ILM.



Fernando Bellese had been part of the MB team since its official incorporation in 2018, his commitment and passion are second to none and his colleagues on the board will miss his expert and thoughtful contributions. He was also instrumental in managing the Metcha campaign, a platform of creative and inspiring content that took leather into the everyday lives of Gen Z and Millennial consumers.


The management board has extended its thanks to Fernando and wish him all the very best for the future, the leather industry has a great ambassador. Leather Naturally also extends its thanks to his former employer PrimeAsia for their support through his Leather Naturally work.

As a result, Leather Naturally is seeking equally passionate leather industry volunteers for the newly vacant role on the Management Board.

Candidates can share their interest in the role via [email protected] or get in contact with anyone from the Management Board directly.

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