28 Sep 2022

The LEATECH project coordinated by the A3 Leather Innovation Center of the University of Lleida (Spain) under the Erasmus programme is born to coordinate and prepare a group of Higher Educational Institutes (HEI) active in leather science to implement a full-fledged Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programme in the leather industry.

The A3 Center-UdL together with ITECH (France), EGE University (Turkey) and CIATEC (Mexico) have agreed to combine their academic strengths for offering a 120-credit leather Master, qualifying holders for high level positions in the global leather industry and its international value chain. The Master will be conducted in English throughout the various facilities and focus on innovation, circularity, and sustainability.

If the project is eventually approved, the Erasmus Mundus programme would provide the funding for 60 students (travel, accommodation, subsistence & tuition fees) in 2023. Your participation in the 3-question survey would help in that sense!

Take part in the survey here:

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