20 Sep 2022

Italy’s national footwear industry association Assocalzaturifici has estimated sales growth for the sector of 14.5% in the first half of 2022. The figure is unofficial and is based on a recent survey Assocal carried out among its member companies, writes Leatherbiz.


In a statement it made in the build-up to the September edition of Micam in Milan, Assocalzaturifi said footwear exports from Italy in the first five months of 2022 increased by 24% year on year and by 15% in value.

The organisation’s new president, Giovanna Ceolini, said: “The industry as a whole has seen significant recovery, but high energy costs, raw materials costs and the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with a total drop of 46% since the start of the war, are putting short-term growth at risk.”

She explained that member companies were satisfied with sales in North America and the main EU markets, though spring lockdowns slowed sales in China. “But recovery has been uneven,” she said. “While designer brands are performing very well, half our member companies have not yet returned to pre-covid sales figures.”

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