7 Sep 2022
Lucia Battistin, Business Development Manager, Automotive at Dani, will present “Sustainable leather innovations for automotive by Dani” at the upcoming ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain Conference in Milan on September 23. At this half-day conference, which will be held at the 5-star NH Collection President hotel in central Milan, she will provide attendees with an overview of the latest achievements and technological developments by the Italian tannery focusing on the topics of circularity, traceability, animal welfare and green chemistry for tanning. The presentation will also explore the recent collaboration between Dani and Hyundai-Transys, where sustainable genuine leather was chosen as the suitable material within the future mobility vision of the global South Korea based automotive manufacturer. About the speaker Lucia Battistin is the Business Development Manager for Italy-headquartered Dani, responsible for promoting business growth through market forecasting and the acquisition of new business opportunities in automotive and industrial design. She joined Dani in 2019, having worked in sales and communications roles for a diversity of corporations from fashion and jewellery to energy. She holds a Master’s degree in Languages for Communication in Commerce from the University of Verona, which she obtained in 2013. To find out more about the speakers and topics to be presented at the conference, or to register to attend visit the event page, and keep an eye on our website for more news about the presentation schedule in the coming weeks.

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