1 Sep 2022
Luxury brand Montblanc has given the name Extreme 3.0 to an inaugural accessories collection made from eco-friendly, full-grain bovine leather from Italian leather manufacturer Gruppo Dani, writes Leatherbiz. The Swiss brand is highlighting the CO2-neutral tanning process Dani has used to make the leather and has reported that some of the products in the collection have already sold out online. Dani launched a lifecycle assessment and emissions-reducing project called Create to Change in 2021. It said it would use information from a lifecycle assessment of its leather manufacturing process to calculate the impact of every stage. It is using offsetting to compensate for 100% of the impact and make the finished leather CO2-neutral. Montblanc was the first customer to sign up to use leather from Create to Change, with the Extreme 3.0 collection the first products to result from this commitment. Products in the collection include a backpack (pictured), a document case and an envelope bag. This last product has already sold out online.

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